First billboards advertising same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland


The first billboards advertising same-sex wedding ceremonies have been put up in Northern Ireland, after marriage equality was legally approved there last month, so that it is now the real thing in the whole UK. Eight billboards have been erected around Belfast by Northern Ireland Humanists, a branch of the non-religious body Humanists UK, to advertise their secular wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. The huge signs show beautiful pictures of same-sex couples getting married, with the slogan “love wins for everyone”. Coordinator of the group, Boyd Sleator, said that LGBT Northern Irish fought for too long against this archaic law that limited them in the fundamental right to marry people they love, and as they finally won, it deserves a big celebration. Humanist weddings do not take place in registry offices or places of worship, and are legally recognized in Northern Ireland and Scotland but not in England and Wales. The group said it had been “inundated” with requests from same-sex couples who want to get married next year.


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