Gay couple was falsely accused of child molestation


A man named Ben was driving to Hull and his boyfriend Jordan was next to him. They were dragged out of a car by the vigilante group who broadcast the “arrest” live on social media. According to Mail Online, the group – who call themselves Yorkshire Child Protectors – showered the couple with homophobic abuse and called them “p*ffs” and accused Jordan of being a child abuser. Even though the group admitted having caught the wrong person and issued an official apology to Jordan, he refuses to publicly reveal his last name not to face further backlash. “That video was viewed by more than 30,000 people – 30,000 people aren’t going to see their apology,” Ben told Mail Online, saying that he and Jordan are disgusted and scared. The group reportedly received incorrect information that said one of the gay men forced a minor into masturbation. They then went to Jordan’s sister’s workplace forcing her to testify against her sibling. She was then instructed to ask her brother to travel four hours by car so they could ambush him. Upon arrival at his sister’s address, the vigilante group pulled the couple from their cars, separated them and took their phones. But it became apparent that the group had made a mistake as they were still receiving messages from their actual target after they had confiscated the men’s phones. Ben and Jordan are reportedly afraid to leave their homes and are afraid to go to work over the incident. They said they are taking legal action against the group.


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