Harry Styles announced his new album asking fans whether they know who they are


“Do you know who you are?” asked the 25-year-old singer via Twitter last week. The tweet, since liked almost a quarter of a million times, linked to a website that – if you told it your name – answered the question with a similarly cryptic answer. At first, everyone seemed to get the same response: “You are patiently waiting for something to happen. TPWK [Treat People With Kindness – the slogan from Harry’s solo tour merch – GNE]. Love, H.” Twitter went into a meltdown, obviously, over what this meant – there was a lot more to go on than that time Harry tweeted “Do” and it drove his followers crazy (that “Do” makes more sense now, potentially, as Bustle points out – posters with ‘Do You Know Who You Are’ on them were spotted in Australia around a month ago, which is when the website launched and when Harry tweeted the two letters). “FINE LINE . THE ALBUM . DEC 13”, the pop star tweeted in one day, attaching the cover of the future album, which is, by the way, in colors of the transgender flag.


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