Mom asks for an advice as her 6-year-old son wants to be gay


Writing to Slate for advice, the mother said that her son had asked her whether boys could marry boys. She responded that yes, and it is called gay. The boy said that he would like to be gay when he grows up. But his father’s response was somewhat different. He said: “He’ll always be my son and I’ll always love him, but I might have some trouble accepting that. Life is harder for gay people,” adding that he doesn’t think their son is old enough to decide what his sexuality is. But the mother says that there are some people who knew that they were queer even earlier. The boy may not necessarily be gay, but if he is, parents should be ready to show their love, support and accepting. His sexuality is not an issue, but he should know that his mom and dad will love him no matter what. The advice columnist praised the mother for her response, which addressed the matter using clear, age-appropriate language.


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