Sam Smith is sure that at least 1 of the Teletubbies is queer


All of the kids of late 90s-early 2000s know these extraterrestrial creatures. We followed their adventures with excitement, but we were too small to dig deeper into their personalities from the point of view of how they identify and whom they are attracted to. However, right now the Teletubbies’ generation is in their late 20s-early 30s, so they see the characters from a different perspective. For instance, the non-binary singer Sam Smith in a now-unavailable Instagram post has suggested that there might be something in common between them and the purple Teletubby named Tinky-Winky. Well, even homophobic preachers previously noticed that purple is a Pride color and the triangle-shaped antenna is a hint on the gay men suffering from the Nazi regime (‘pink triangles’). Simon Barnes, who voiced Tinky-Winky until passing away last year used to say that the character was written as a three-year-old, so there definitely could not be any relations to his sexuality, children don’t have their sexual identity formed at 3 yet. But as any artwork,. Teletubbies give some space to interpretation.


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