Tory politician does not donate money to Pride as she believes it to be a misleading ideology


Tory counselor Mary Douglas refused to give a grant to LGB T Pride calling it powerful ideology to misguide people. Salisbury Pride UK applied for a £1,000 grant from Salisbury Area Board towards its total £18,000 costs to hold the festival and parade. Representing Salisbury St Francis and Stratford on Wiltshire Council, Tory councilor Mary Douglas rejected the motion, and said: “I cannot support this.”She went on saying that she loves and respects LGBT people and even said that they are the main victims of the Pride ideology and they are fooled by it. “These are wonderful people, well-meaning and sincere, but misguided by a powerful ideology. I do not want to be a part of promoting this, and I want to be clear this is not just my view, I represent a large number of people, some who are afraid to say something,” she also said, but the Pride she refused to support received a grant anyway and it will take place on June next year.


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