Catholic high school threatened to out a lesbian student to parents if she did not go to counseling


Magali Rodriguez attended Bishop Amat Memorial High School, the biggest Catholic high school in Los Angeles, and she and her girlfriend were the only same-sex couple at the school with more than a thousand students. She told Buzzfeed that although she knew that Catholic teachings often forbid same-sex relationships, she had checked in the student handbook that it was not forbidden by the school rules to have same-sex relationships. Rodriguez said her dean of discipline told her that the relationship was wrong, and that she would no longer be able to sit next to her girlfriend at lunch or see her during breaks. He added that the disciplinary meetings would continue and insisted that she should have attended psychologists, and if she refused, her family would be informed about it. The following two years the treatment of school officials to her was so terrible that she had to come out to her family herself just because she needed their help to make it stop. They did it, she finished her education in another high school, and as or her sexuality, they suggested it before and it did not mean much to them. Bishop Amat Memorial High School refused to answer specific questions about Rodriguez’s experience, citing student privacy, but said that her account was not “entirely accurate”. It said that all students were held to the same standards, and added: “Any student who is involved in a relationship may socialize appropriately on campus. However, as stated in the Parent/Student handbook, engaging in excessive displays of affection on campus is not permitted.”


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