Group of straight men went to gay bar in Cork to mock gay people


A gay man from Cork, Ireland has revealed that he shared a bus last night with a group of straight men who had gone to a gay club. Apparently they came to lash out at the attendees. David Murray was travelling home from work on a bus in the city when the group of men got on. They had just come out of popular gay club Chambers. During his bus journey home, he overheard the group of men discussing their experience of visiting the venue, and their conversation was full of homophobic slurs. One of the men bragged during the bus journey that he had even recorded a video of two men kissing in Chambers and had sent it to friends on Snapchat and to his father. The group of men – who got off the bus near a local student accommodation complex – also mocked one of their group because he had been hit on by a man in the gay club.


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