Liberal Democrat candidate forced to step down because of discriminatory tweets


Lib Dem candidate Kevin McNamara is now facing the disciplinary investigation within the party because of the controversial social media posts he allegedly used to share in 2009-2011, offending minorities, in part the LGBT community, women and people of color. Shockingly, McNamara is an honorary vice president of the Lib Dems’ ethnic minority group, Campaign for Race Equality (LCRE). He has already made an official apology, admitting that those words were offensive and absolutely unacceptable, and saying he was deeply sorry for saying them. “I would never want to undermine the voices of those communities with slurs or degradation and it’s important that people who want to represent the public are held to the very highest standard,” McNamara added, “I am resigning as a candidate with immediate effect for the upcoming election. I apologize to all of those I have let down with my past conduct and will work hard to regain their trust.”


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