British government urges Cayman Islands to stop criminalizing same-sex marriages


The lesbian couple campaigning for the approval of marriage equality in Cayman Islands has repeatedly expressed their irritation about the refusal of the UK government to intervene in this situation. And now their prayers are heard. Chantelle Day and her partner Vickie Bodden Bush applied for the right to be married in the Cayman Islands, a British territory, but had their application rejected because they are a same-sex couple. They crowdfunded for legal challenge of this decision and it was done in March. But in a few months the Cayman government appealed the ruling. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office representative stated that they believe that love is equal and marriage is a fundamental human right, so it needs to be protected. “We hope that the Cayman Islands legislative assembly will act swiftly and take a decisive lead on this issue to ensure same sex couples are granted equal rights,” they added.


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