Michelle Visage is to vogue to Madonna


After landing in the bottom two during last weekend’s Strictly, Visage and her dance partner Giovanni Pernice will bounce back on Saturday by performing a street freestyle to Madonna’s iconic gay anthem Vogue. And though details cannot be revealed in advance, we believe that it will very camp and glamorous, as the song itself, and the Drag Race judge has been into this culture for years, that is what the audience expected from her. The Drag Race judge was voguing for years before Madonna co-opted the movement for her 1990 single, picking up her stage name (Visage) in the ballrooms of New York because she gave “good face”. She was a fixture on the scene throughout the early 1980s, and was taught how to vogue by Willi Ninja, star of the seminal documentary Paris is Burning. Though Visage is a noted Madonna fan, she admitted to being “jealous” when the singer released Vogue, as the singer will get attention for something Michelle had done years before.


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