Straight man says gay bar in Soho turned it into a gay street


The Admiral Duncan, one of the oldest and best-known LGBT+ pubs in Soho, shared a complaint they have recently received from a man who is not even their customer because he is straight. The man, who did not reveal his name in the letter, wrote that Soho used to be a much better place before the venue was opened there. The note goes on to use a string of anti-Semitic slurs as well as abusing people of other ethnicities, like Italians and Irish. He added that he wanted to see the famous London district the way it used to be in 1961. No need to mention that by that time there could not have been any gay bars in that area, simply because the UK decriminalized homosexuality only in 1967. Soho didn’t establish itself as an openly LGBT+ hub until the 1990s.


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