Christmas movie with two dads was straightwashed for the USA release


A Very Cool Christmas came out in 2004 in the USA, as well as its Canadian version , titled Too Cool for Christmas. But the difference between two almost identical movies is not only in titles. The Canadian version of the movie includes a same-sex couple but the American one replaces it with an opposite-sex couple. In the American release of the film, the lead character Lindsay’s parents are played by Barclay Hope and Ingrid Torrance. The Canadian release features Barclay Hope and Adam Harrington. The American version is available through Hulu and the Canadian version through Prime, so one Twitter user made a video of the films playing side-by-side to make it visible that the films are identical, except the gender of the parents. Presumably, somebody got scared at some point during the making of this film about the idea of featuring a same-sex couple who were – gasp – parents, too. They must have felt that the Canadian audience was considered more LGBT-accepting than the American one.


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