Singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan announces divorce


Singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan has announced that she and her spouse Georgina Gordon decided to go separated ways after 6 years together and three years of marriage, and for Lucy it was very sad to announce it. Spraggan and Gordon got married in 2016 and at the time she wrote on Instagram: “I am the luckiest person on this planet”. A year later, in 2017, the couple were approved as foster parents and Spraggan urged her followers who may be interested in fostering to look into it. “We will continue on our paths as the ultimate friends, and dog Mums, united by the bond and memories we will always have. We are eternally thankful for the support you have offered us; in this time of hardship we will appreciate space and time to deal with the change,” she wrote on Instagram. The day before her announcement, Spraggan posted to say that she hadn’t been feeling well “physically or mentally” and wanted to thank “everyone who supports me all the time, even when I’m having a hard time”.


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