Trans employee was told by the boss to make up with abuse or leave


The trans Dunkin Donuts worker complained to the management that some customers use transphobic slurs and threaten to kill her. But instead of doing something to protect her, the employers told her that if she could not bear it then it would be better if she quit this job at all. Across three months earlier this year, the 25-year-old suffered a torrent of transphobia from fellow staff as well as customers in March to May 2018. She was repeatedly misgendered and deadnamed, as well as addressed with wrong pronouns. She now sues her former bosses in court, demanding compensation. Pennsylvania’s civil rights legislation does not directly ban discrimination against LGBT+ people, but the state’s Human Relations Commission said last year that it interprets the state ban on sex-based discrimination to include discrimination against LGBT+ people. The manager named in the suit said: “I believe that was already handled and the case was resolved.” While a Dunkin’ Donut spokesperson informed the paper that the company is unable to comment on pending litigation.


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