Britain’s first queer dads break up because one of them has a crush on their daughter’s boyfriend


Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow have been married for 32 years and they are the first married gay men to officially apply surrogacy in the UK. And now they are divorcing, because 50-year-old Barrie gave his hear to 25-year-old bisexual man named Scott, who used to date his daughter Saffron. Barrie hid his feelings even from himself while Scott and his daughter were together, but as they broke up, he decided to tell the truth. In most cases children ask their parents to bless their relationships, but here was vice versa – Barrie asked Saffron for a blessing, and the 19-year-old woman gave it. Now, she and the three men live contently under one roof – in their £6 million mega-mansion in the US. Barrie said that his relationships with Tony have been platonic for years, they lived in a separated rooms, but they never stopped loving each other and hardly ever will, it is just a different type of love now.


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