Homophobic Little Mix fan got schooled on Twitter


Girls from Little Mix served as cupids for their gay fan who wanted to propose his boyfriend at their concert. And as the majority of the audience members said “awwww,” there were also those who expressed their irritation about it. The woman said that she was with her 6-year-old son at the show and now she has a lot to explain to him, this is why she is completely disappointed in the bend and will never attend their shows again. But the Twitter users were there to say that actually there is nothing wrong if a child aged 6 knows that there are boys loving other boys and girls loving other girls. If a parent does not know how to explain it, then a parent should work on it. It is a problem of this particular parent, not of the newly-engaged couple. And by no means it is a problem of the band on whose show the proposal took place.


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