Japanese trans woman was outed on TV against her will


The woman was featured on television show Shumatsu Chigumaya Kazoku, which translates as ‘Weekend Yamaguchi Family’ on Television Yamaguchi Broadcasting Systems earlier this month. She said that she did not know about the plans of the TV crew to show her gender identity and to represent it as a mockery. She was interviewed for a segment in which a presenter speaks to people who are “unusual” in public. She was approached while she was changing the oil in her car, The Asahi Shimbun reports. She was asked about her gender and her “unusual” manner of speaking was repeatedly emphasized on. A voice over then cut in and said that the woman had “a secret”. Following a commercial break, the presenter was shown interviewing a person they introduced as the woman’s relative. They then showed a photo of the woman on-screen with a caption that said: “Unusual! A man who looks like a woman.” The woman now demands an apology and the TV producers promised to give it to her personally.


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