Brexit Party candidate declares a war on LGBT


Brexit Party hopeful Victor Farrell has declared ‘war’ on the LGBT+ community. The candidate for Glenrothes in Scotland used to write on Facebook that LGBT people were perverts and sodomites with no presence of God in their lives. “All Christ-rejecting swamps need draining, and the creatures therein need making into shoes and handbags and buried with Hugh Hefner.” We, actually, don’t know why being buried next to the Playboy owner should be considered a terrible punishment as Farrell represented it. He also objects to “young lesbians in parliament, old lesbians leading political parties”, “youths in arrogant rampantness”, and “beta males … urinating over their own bellies”, which he believes are all symbols of being “abandoned” by God. Farrell describes himself as “a full-time Christian” whose faith “permeates” everything. It’s not clear whether his war against LGBT+ people extends to his fellow Brexit Party candidates, some of whom are openly LGBT.


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