Same-sex attraction is 4 times more common among women than among men


New Zealand’s Ministry of Health has discovered that one of 6 women has experienced an attraction to the person of her own sex, as among men the relation is 1 to 20. But if this one in 20 men is likely to open up about the attraction and develop it into relationships, for women the attraction to women is mostly hidden and latent. Only one in 15 women is ready to go further than thoughts. The study is New Zealand‘s first-ever major sexual health survey. “It offers the most comprehensive picture of contemporary adult sexuality to date,” said Dr Peter Saxton, director of the Gay Men’s Sexual Health research group at the University of Auckland. The questions covered three aspects of sexual orientation – sexual attraction, sexual behavior and sexual identity. The study was conducted in 2014, but the findings can be summarized only now because sexual behavior is something to be learned in dynamics.


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