Christian lesbian thinks the Pope bothers about ‘gay cure therapy’


An evangelical lesbian met with the Pope this week at the Vatican, and she said that the pontiff was visibly concerned about the negative impact of so-called conversion therapy practices based on the misleading idea that sexuality and gender identity could be forcibly changed. Jayne Ozanne is a British evangelical Anglican who started a foundation to work with religious organization s around the world focused on acknowledging, embracing and celebrating the LGBT believers within their faith. She presented Pope Francis with information from a study by the Ozanne Foundation showing that of the 458 respondents who had undergone efforts to change their sexuality could not do that but developed suicidal thoughts and mental health disorders. Ozanne also gave the Pope a copy of her autobiography, which details her 40-year struggle to reconcile being a lesbian and a Christian. She told Reuters that the Pope understood her and listened to her very warmly, she felt he was seriously concerned about what she was telling him.


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