Hong Kong queer community was not allowed to hold a Pride march


LGBT+ community in Hong Kong has been banned by police from marching in its annual Pride parade because there were violent protests at that time. According to South China Morning Post, organizers of the march were told that the event on Saturday November 16 would be reduced to a standstill gathering. Director of the parade’s organizing committee, Yeo Wai-wai, says that the legal authorities have to inform about cancelation of the events at least in a months, but they did I only two days before the event should have been taken place, there was not enough time to inform all the potential attendees. The police cited disruption in other areas amidst violent protests against the now withdrawn 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill as the cause of the ban. The government has also imposed a mask ban to deter violent protesters, but this could discourage people joining the Pride event as LGBT+ people who have not come out to their family and friends often wear masks to protect their identities.


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