School allegedly told teachers not to take preferred pronouns into consideration


A public school in Arizona allegedly told teachers to ignore the preferred pronouns of students and prevented students from forming an LGBT+ club. Norterra Canyon is a public elementary and middle school in north Phoenix, governed by the Deer Valley Unified School District, which teaches children aged 5-14. There are several parents who accuse the school of deliberately silencing the LGBT issues among the pupils by the initiative of the Norterra Canyon principal Tish Mineer. According to Phoenix New Times, the first parent to come forward was Nina Cosiano who filed a complaint with state authorities after her daughter complained to her about the situation at school. She also spoke about her trans friend, who she said had suffered extreme stress because of Mineer’s refusal to use her chosen name and preferred pronouns. Another mother, this time of a seventh grade bisexual girl, told Phoenix New Times said her daughter asked to start an LGBT+ club to help combat homophobic and transphobic bullying at the school. A third parent told Phoenix New Times that she directly witness Mineer telling her seventh grade daughter that it was inappropriate to discuss sexual orientation at school.


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