Tory candidate is suspended for saying that being gay was no good for humanity


The Conservative candidate for Aberdeen North has been suspended from the party after the history of his mocking remarks towards Jewish and Muslim people, racial minorities and LGBT community went viral. Ryan Houghton made the offensive comments on a martial arts forum in 2013, when he was 20. In part he used to say that if the majority of the population would become gay then the human race would die out. First of all, sexual minorities are not called sexual minorities accidentally – the majority of population cannot be gay, and by no means can they become ones, because people do not choose their sexuality. And secondly, thanking to the assisted reproductive technologies gay people are able to reproduce not to let the race die out. The posts were brought to light by Scottish paper The National. Hours later, the Tories immediately withdrew their support of him on the upcoming election and removed his name from the list of the party members.


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