Prince Harry and Gareth Thomas campaign for HIV-testing


To mark the HIV testing Week in the UK Prince Harry spoke to the HIV+ rugby star Gareth Thomas about what it means to him to live with the virus. He says that it is actually ok to live with it, the only thing is he should never forget to take pills in order not to transmit the virus to his husband during sex. Prince Harry tells Thomas that what he’s doing to tackle stigma around HIV is “amazing” and it teaches people that there is nothing terrifying or shameful in getting tested, it is just taking care of your own health and the health of people you love. The pair were meeting for the first time in the stands of Harlequin Rugby Club. Prince Harry previously offered his support to Thomas, 45, when he revealed that he was living with HIV. As far as we know, he is the first British athlete to publicly come out as HIV+. “I want to prove there’s life after a positive diagnosis and show everyone the realities of HIV. I take one pill a day which keeps me healthy, means I have absolutely no fear of passing on HIV to my husband and means I’m fit enough to do an Ironman!” he added.


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