Gay dads were told that one of them should be registered as a mother


Gay dads who tried to enrol their twins in a government subsidized preschool in Israel were told that one of them would have to register as a mother. Guy Sadaka and Hai Aviv, who have been together for 12 years, were shocked when the officials told them that one of them in their couple is probably less dominant in the couple, so he can be registered as a mother. If they don’t want to reveal the position in relationships, then the “mother” should be that one who worked less, “like a normal family”. She told the men that they should not “think about it too much”, and added: “We are not going to investigate this, we are not going to check, we are only examining your eligibility.” The Ministry has since apologized for the incident and said they would update procedures to ensure same-sex couples do not end up in similar situations in the future. We emphasize that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs’ practices explicitly treat all types of families and grant equal rights to all,” a representative said.


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