Kanye West makes friends to a homophobic pastor


The controversial rapper who has recently released a gospel-inspired album Jesus Is King, made an appearance on Sunday at Lakewood Church, a megachurch in Houston, Texas, the pastor of which does not hide being anti-LGBT. The Advocate points out that the church’s multimillionaire pastor, Joel Osteen, has repeatedly called homosexuality wrong and sinful in the eyes of God, insisting that this is what the scripture says. Osteen also opposes same-sex marriage, telling CNN in 2014: “Marriage is between a male and a female… I don’t see same-sex in the scripture.” Friends of West have repeatedly voiced concern for the musician over the past few years, as he has publicly stated his support for Donald Trump and raised conspiracy theories. In his new album he also praises fast food chain Chick-fil-A, which has a negative repu8tation within the LGBT community because of its history of donations.


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