Michigan introduces landmark self-ID system for transgender people on driving licenses


Michigan has launched a streamlined system which will make it easier for people to change the gender markers on their driver’s license. Under the changes, people can change the gender listed on their license or ID card by filling out a one-page form and paying a $9 fee. They will no longer be required to obtain a court order or provide an amended birth certificate or passport in order to change the gender marker in their state documents in correspondence with their true gender. The new simple declaration says: “I, [name], request that the sex designation on my driver’s license or state ID card read: [Male or Female].” People changing their gender are required to sign a disclaimer affirming “under penalty of perjury, that this request to change the sex designation on my Michigan driver’s license or state ID card is to ensure that my driver’s license or state ID card accurately reflects my identity and isn’t for fraudulent or other illegal purposes.”


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