¼ Brits would feel ashamed if their kids were LGBT


Adults across the UK were asked how they would respond to their child coming out, in 26% casers this reaction would not be sincerely positive, YouGov reports on behalf of the youth homeless charity AKT. The akt study also revealed that more than one in ten of adults would not want their child to bring home a same-sex partner, whereas one in five would worry about the reaction of their families on their LGBT+ child. Charity leaders stressed that these numbers “barely capture the heartbreaking realities” of the lives of young queer people, and these results really upset them. Overall, researchers revealed that for an alarming number of UK adults, LGBT+ topics are a thorny issue for them. Less than half (46 per cent) of those surveyed agree with the statement that they would feel proud to have a child who had come out. And around 11 per cent of people would be uncomfortable living at home with an LGBT+ child.


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