Dad sues school for asking his 17-year-old child to read a gay love poem


Brett Cason is suing Steamboat Springs High School in Colorado, claiming his 17-year-old daughter Skylar was morally traumatized when she was asked to read a poem called Howl by Allen Ginsberg. Which the father finds pornographic. The school district has apologized to Cason over the “controversial material”, saying parents should have been given “advance notice that would have allowed them to opt their child out of participating”. There were attempts to censor this poem (which is, indeed, explicit, but we remind, the daughter of the claimant is 17, so she is probably aware of some aspects of the human intimacy already) lasted for many decades. Censorship of the poem is nothing new. In 1957, US customs officials seized 520 copies of the poem being imported from London on obscenity grounds. A San Francisco bookstore manager was arrested months later for selling the poem to an undercover police officer, alongside its publisher.


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