Mel C is shocked how transphobic the UK is


Speaking to The Guardian, the Spice Girls singer revealed that she is terrified by the ratings of transphobia in her country. She insisted that now people should not be forced to live secret miserable lives in wrong bodies, everybody deserves to be free and to live the way their heart tells them to live. And the issue of transphobia needs to be acknowledged and addressed until it is completely eliminated. She said that people were taught to be ignorant to the transgender community in their families, and the only reason for it is the fear of unknown. “But if you get to know these people, it dissipates because you think, ‘God, they’re just people too.’ We’re all just people, we all just want the same things. That’s one of the reasons why I feel very lucky – not everybody has the opportunity to really spend time with people in the trans and non-binary community,” the star concluded.


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