Scarlett Johansson admits she ‘mishandled’ backlash around her for being cast to play a trans man


The Avengers star had faced a media storm in 2018 after being cast as real-life trans man Dante ‘Tex’ Gill in film Rub and Tug. Johansson defended her right to play this role, saying that there were many cis actors who played trans roles before and they were great at it. The only reason why she did not play the role was the public aggression. But only now she realizes that it would be really wrong to accept this role. “I wasn’t totally aware of how the trans community felt about those three actors playing — and how they felt in general about cis actors playing — transgender people. I wasn’t aware of that conversation — I was uneducated. So I learned a lot through that process. I misjudged that… It was a hard time,” the actress told Vanity Fair. The shooting stopped after Scarlett stepped down , though trans activists wanted a trans actor to be recast on the leading role.


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