Tyler, the Creator shows what it means to be queer and homophobic at once


During the interview with journalist Carrie Battan, Tyler’s attention was piqued by a car waiting at a nearby stoplight, playing his song ‘Earfquake’. “I want you to know how gay that is. Why are you driving by, playing my music? Just in case you ever see another person who makes music, that’s the gayest thing ever. Just don’t do it ever again,” he told the driver, and the word ‘gay ‘ was unlikely used in the meaning of certain sexuality or queer segment of the culture. In his early career, Tyler, the Creator came under heavy criticism for his use of homophobic slurs, particularly in his debut album Goblin, released in 2011. He defended himself in a NME interview at the time, telling the magazine that the F-word really hits and hurts people, but to his mind telling a stupid person they are ‘gay’ has nothing to do with hating gay people.


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