UK Defense Secretary backtracks on homophobic remarks


Conservative Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has dismissed his previous words that gay militants would make armed forces weaker. The Tory minister was challenged by the Scotland’s Press and Journal newspaper over views he had expressed in 1999 about gay people in the military, while he was sitting in the Scottish Parliament Back then he used to believe that gay people should not have been allowed to serve in the military as it might have had a negative impact on the country’s defense potential. 20 years on, he ensures that he no longer thinks so. Addressing his past comments, Wallace said: “What I would probably say is that the world has moved on, and I think, you know, I’d just say I was wrong on that observation.” He went on saying that his past beliefs were culturally motivated, but life goes on and he is glad that the culture has changed enough so that now much more people understand that these ideas were wrong.


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