Tory justice minister defends Boris Johnson in using homophobic slurs


Tory justice minister Chris Philp said that the PM should have a right for free speech when he was asked to comment Johnson’s anti-LGBT remarks. Philp was challenged by LBC’s Eddie Mair, who asked why LGBT+ people should vote for a person who calls them ‘tank topped bum boys’ and whether he considers these words a deliberate offence. “I’m not from the LBGT+ community,” said the justice minister, distancing himself from a question. When pressed on the issue, Philp excused Johnson’s words and again tried to distance himself from it, saying that he had no right to dictate others what to say. “Actions speak louder than words,” he added, pointing to the fact that he and other Conservatives recently voted to introduce equal marriage to Northern Ireland. Philp neglected to mention that of the 73 MPs who voted against the same-sex marriage amendment, tabled by a backbench Labour MP, the majority were Tories, while no vote was recorded for Johnson.


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