Controversial ex- MP Jared O’Mara did not vote for LGBT-inclusive education because he was in a gay bar


Former Labour MP Jared O’Mara said that he didn’t vote for the introduction of LGBT-inclusive relationship education in March because, according to his spokesperson, he was in a gay bar working on a documentary. “He’s spent the best part of the past 10 years drinking in that gay bar, half of his office staff are gay. He is an ally and fully supports the motion,” the spokesperson said. However, the records showed that Mr. O’Mara was far from being an LGBT ally. Two years ago his homophobic online comments he used to make 10 years before resurfaced causing his suspension, and even though he was restored on post after a formal apology, he decided to resign amid the backlash from the LGBT community. He continued to sit as an independent MP until the dissolution of parliament on 6 November, and is not standing in the December election.


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