Indigenous third gender person appears on Vogue Mexico cover


In the Oaxaca region of Southern Mexico, the indigenous Zapotec community’s muxe (pronounced moo-she) people are a distinct third gender, they can use different pronouns and be attracted to different genders, it is occasional. The cover photo for the December 2019 issue of Vogue Mexico, as well as next month’s British Vogue, will feature Estrella Vazquez, 37, whose community has not even heard about such a magazine before. The weaver and designer was invited by the magazine to participate in a photo shoot with a group of other muxe people because Vogue Mexico wanted to highlight different ethnic and cultural aspects of that region, introducing the people from different hardly known communities to the world. Vasquez said that this one shot is unlikely to eliminate discrimination fully, but it is already a huge step to the better representation of the minority communities. Vogue Mexico wrote on Instagram: “In a world in which labels seem essential, muxes appear as that figure that refuses to be typecast. The third gender has an important role in the Zapoteca history and becomes the living proof that ancestral magic still walks on this land.”


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