Same-sex couple attacked on London bus reveal terrible details testifying in court


Punched in the face, coins chucked at them and subjected to sexual gestures – the two victims of the homophobic hate crime committed by a group of teens finally have their abusers brought to the trial, so they are ready to testify about what exactly has happened to them. Melania Geymonat-Ramirez and Christine Hannigan leapt into headlines and front-pages earlier this year after becoming victims of a brutal homophobic attack. On Thursday, three teenage boys – aged 15, 16 and 17 – pleaded guilty to threatening the couple. But the 17-year-old denied that the crime had a homophobic motive. Hannigan told the court behind a screen that they were together and visibly in love, they were holding hands and cuddling coming back from the romantic date, and there was nothing else significant about them that could have provoked the attackers somehow, so she and her partner have no doubt that they were abused for being lesbians.


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