There’s a record number of trans and non-binary MP hopefuls in the UK


There are 10 trans, including non-binary, parliamentary hopefuls. If at least one of them succeeds, it will already be a historic moment for the UK parliament that includes no trans or non-binary people so far. This figure compares with nine trans and non-binary candidates in the 2017 snap election and 4 in 2015. 2010 did not include them at all. Half of the trans and non-binary people running are standing for the Green Party, with two each running for the Lib Dems and Labour and one person standing as an independent. Tories have no trans or non-binary candidates, at least yet. The 10 hopefuls are: Helen Belcher, a trans woman running for the Liberal Democrats in Chippenham; Sophie Cook, a trans woman standing as an independent candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham; Quinn Daley, non-binary Green Party candidate for Pudsey; Ben Foley, non-binary Green Party candidate for Luton South; Elaine Gallagher, a trans woman standing for the Scottish Greens in Glasgow Central; Charley Hasted, non-binary Liberal Democrat candidate for Eltham; Heather Herbert, a trans woman running for Labour in Gordon; Thom Kirkwood, non-binary Labour candidate for Richmond; Rowan McLaughlin, non-binary Green Party candidate for Redcar; and Tom Pashby, non-binary Green Party candidate for South West Hertfordshire.


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