Politician ‘abused’ for being a Tory likens it to transphobia


Linden Kemkaran threw her hat into an already volatile debate over political tribalism, responding to a viral tweet which suggested that revealing that you are a Conservative is quite similar to coming out as LGBT+ if not worse. She also noted that anti-Tory people were as cruel as anti-trans campaigners and racists “in the past”. Kemkaran, a former BBC journalist and parliamentary candidate for the Labour-held Bradford East, said that people currently treat Tories the way they used to treat racial and sexual minorities, like racism, homophobia and transphobia are already eliminated. We wish it could be so, but…. “I can out prejudice and bigotry when I see it,” she said, explaining that in her youth she was regularly subjected to threatens abuse for being a woman of color. When asked to address her comparison between anti-Tory abuse and homophobia and transphobia, Kemkaran said that she did not want to offend anybody and she was actually pro-LGBT.


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