Meet the first non-female person on Cosmo cover


Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness is to appear on the cover of the January 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan UK in a Christian Siriano peach gown paired with tube socks and trainers, and according to the magazine he will be “serving pre-limousine prom queen meets sexy cult leader”. The Queer Eye grooming expert wrote on Twitter: “First non female cover star in 35 years. Thanks for having me.” The groomer also praised the magazine for its LGBT inclusion and promotion of diversity. In an interview to accompany his history-making cover, Van Ness spoke about the new book, the stigma around HIV+ people and his (Van Ness identifies as non-binary, but he is not going to deviate from male pronouns, he got used to ‘he/him’ and so did everybody else) personal experience of tackling it, politics in Britain and worldwide, the pressure of fame and public attention and dealing with mental health issues.


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