1 in 4 millennials would not hug an HIV+ person


The shocking research from Prevention Access Campaign and US pharmaceutical giant Merck, released ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, reveals that the stigma around this disease is still a question of interest. A survey of HIV-negative people aged 23-36 found that 30 per cent said they would prefer not to interact socially with someone with HIV. 28 per cent said they have avoided hugging, talking to or being friends with someone with HIV, though it has long been known that the virus is not transmitted this way. If to include the racial factor, people of color (black and Hispanic) seem to be less aware of the way the virus is transmitted than the white respondents. Only 31 per cent of respondents knew that “undetectable” means a person living with HIV cannot transmit the virus , with 50 per cent believing it is possible for the virus to be transmitted when someone is undetectable.


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