BBC Radio 1 Christmas takeover is to be presented by a non-binary host


Jacob Edward, a regular producer and host for Gaydio, is one of 35 up-and-coming guest DJs who are set to take over the airwaves between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve on BBC Radio 1.The spokesperson for the station pointed out that Edward is the first non-binary DJ in history of Radio 1 to have their own takeover. The budding DJ, who will host two late morning shows on December 30 and 31, says that it has been their dream since they started a media career and they are excited that it is going to happen soon. “I was just a hopeful teen. Life comes at you at full force at that age, add on being LGBTQ+ and struggling with your mental health, then you create *ME*, and Radio 1 was there for all that, all the lonely nights and days with no escape,” the host wrote in their blog, adding that a refusal to hide their true self probably cost them a lot of opportunities, but now they are able to show that they are worthy of respect and success the way they are and this is incredible.


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