British lesbian couple carries a baby in both wombs


A British lesbian couple makes history delivering a baby incubated in the wombs of both of them. Jasmine and Donna Francis-Smith, who live in Essex, were the first to access the treatment the London Women’s Clinic, in which Donna contributed the egg and incubated the embryo in her womb first, before it was transferred to her wife who gave birth. More than 100 babies have been born via a similar process, sometimes known as reciprocal IVF, but that involves artificial incubation after the egg has been retrieved from one of the couple and then transferred to the other one. In this groundbreaking approach using both women’s wombs, Donna’s egg was retrieved, fertilized and placed back into her womb inside a capsule for the first 18 hours and then the egg was transferred and Jasmine carried it till giving birth to a boy named Otis, who is now 4 months old and develops normally


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