Thousands of gender-diverse activists stand up against trans rights law in India


Trans and gender-diverse activists mobilized a fast and fierce campaign against a controversial ‘trans rights bill’ in New Delhi last Sunday. The upper house of parliament in India – the Rajya Sabha – tabled the trans rights bill the week before, as after the lower house Lok Sabha cleared the bill in August. With the bill speeding towards approval, activists have trumpeted their concerns against a law, feeling that it harms trans community instead of helping it. It aims to “mitigate the stigma, discrimination, and abuse against the marginalized section and bring them into the mainstream of society,” but seeing the actual draft of the law the transgender activists were left disappointed. The bill, if approved by parliament, would see trans folk tangled in red tape. Having to register as trans, then provide proof of surgery to the authorities. Also, the bill is unclear whether gender-affirmation surgery would be subsidized by the state or not.


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