Leader of anti-LGBT education protests is not going to follow the judge’s ruling to ban them


The leader of the anti-LGBT education protests has declared that a High Court judge who ruled against him made a mistake and neither he nor any of his fellow protesters will follow this ruling. Shakeel Afsal was interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC radio following a High Court ruling to permanently extend an exclusion zone banning protests around a Birmingham primary school. Ferrari, though he is far from being an LGBT ally himself, called Afsal’s methods anti-social, and the row sparked on air. The months of protests accompanied by a loudspeakers and a PA system caused stress and panic attacks in local residents, and left 21 members of school staff with trauma, anxiety and sleeping disorders, but the head of the protesters called these data exaggerated and not cross-examined. Ferrari asked in turn whether Asfal believed that the acclaimed educational psychologist could have lied in court. “I’m not suggesting any lies,” Afsal replied. “That evidence was not cross examined, and this whole judgment, the findings by the judge in fact, are prejudiced and biased.” When asked to explain, Afsal criticized the judge for making “all his findings very politically correct” and “all one-sided,” to which Ferrari quipped that if the judgment is not taking your side it does not give you a right to call it one-sided. Ferrari raised the matter of Shakeel Afsal allegedly inviting a controversial imam to the anti-LGBT education protests, who falsely claimed schools were teaching children about anal sex, pedophilia and ‘transgenderism’. As Ferrari asked why the protesters “peddled lies” such as this, Afsal desperately attempted to distance himself from the matter, even though he has been seen in footage holding the imam’s notes as he speaks.


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