Woman was not allowed to lead a Christian organization because she is a lesbian


A woman has been blocked from becoming a president of one of the UK’s biggest Christian organizations because her spouse is female. It currently has 49 member churches and its leadership is split into six presidents, each representing various denominations of Christianity. Hannah Brock Womack, a Quaker, was nominated by the fourth presidency group but her candidature was declined, which left her completely frustrated, shocked and angry, but she is not going to leave it like that and she encourages LGBT Christians to speak out and to tell the world that they exist. CTE said in a statement that due to the lack of agreement in different Christian denominations when it comes to LGBT in general and same-sex marriages in part, the forth seat was decided to be left empty. : “Over recent months CTE has been engaging with the reality of living with diversity, acknowledging that although so much unites us as churches, we remain in disagreement over certain issues,” the statement, reads, “Prompted by Hannah’s recent equal marriage, an ongoing process of discussion, listening and prayer has begun, recognizing that churches hold different views regarding human sexuality, and that for many this is a very emotive and painful subject.”


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