Anti-gay preacher was surrounded by gay love


Christian street preacher publicly declaring that homosexuality is an “abomination” was surrounded by rainbow flags. This is how the local LGBT activists created ‘a circle of gay love’ around him. Michael Overd, from Somerset, is the self-proclaimed “most arrested Christian preacher in the land”, known for his protests against Islam, abortions and homosexuality. On Saturday November 23 Overd devoted a speech to the latter and Bridgwater councilor Diogo Rodrigues, who is gay, and his fellow activist Beverley Milner-Simonds, who is a lesbian, surrounded the preacher with the Pride flags. The activists believe that no people are allowed to preach anything like that: “For us as LGBT adults, we like many others have gone through so much pain, rejection and self-doubt as young people, and we would hate for any young person struggling with their identity today to walk past that man and hear that they are not good enough or an abomination,” said Rodrigues, adding that love should be spread and preached on the street, not hate, so this is what they did.


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