Queer women resisted a group of thugs chanting hateful slurs on a train


Shocking video footage shows a group of louts shouting hateful slurs against women and LGBT people. Actor Josie Kemp was on a Banbury-bound train leaving London Marylebone on Saturday night when a group of men (all of them were white and spoke like British natives) boarded and started mimicking an Indian accent in a mocking manner. When one of the passengers, a woman, tried to shut them up, they began a misogynistic rant. The video shows a woman asking the group, “Do you have any idea how offensive you are?” and questioning whether they would say the same in front of their daughters, mothers or girlfriends. Kemp travelled with her loved one named Lauren, so it was a personal issue when the perpetrators began to use homophobic slurs. When it was suggested that the men were being “racist and sexist”, they pointed out that one the group (who is unseen) is black, but the women denied it. “We’re not racist. We’re not sexist,” various members interject. One added: “He is a transgender, he identifies as both men and female [sic].” The British Transport Police investigate the incident.


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