Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Pete Buttigieg he is not a real Democrat


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Pete Buttigieg over a new campaign ad, saying that the openly gay Indiana politician cannot position himself as a Democrat since Republican motives are heard in his every speech. The star Democrat criticized Buttigieg over a new video in which he says that he wants to make “college affordable for everybody”. In the clip, posted to Twitter, the South Bend mayor argues against making higher education available for everybody, including children from wealthy families, as it would turn off the country. “It’s sad to see a Dem candidate adopt it,” the congresswoman quipped, “Just like rich kids can attend public school, they should be able to attend tuition-free public college.” Though Buttigieg – who recently topped a poll of Iowa caucus-goers – doesn’t name either of his Democratic rivals directly in the ad,, it is understood that he meant Bernie Sanders, whose pledge to eliminate the entire $1.6 trillion in student debt owed by 45 million US students has become a central part of his campaign.


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